About Peter

I write fiction and poetry for people with a sense of adventure or a twisted sense of humor. Or both. I also Day Job as a CSR executive.

Between my first book in fifth grade (a handwritten, crayon-illustrated autobiographical story called A Trip to Las Vegas) and my 49th birthday, I accomplished many things, including:

  • earned a degree in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley
  • co-founded two companies
  • worked on the first stealth bomber (the B-2), the first PDA (the Casio Z-PDA), and the first smart phone (the Nokia 9000)
  • wrote nine novels (five and a half during NaNoWriMo)
  • published several technical articles and blog posts
  • published several short stories and a few poems, plus the novel above
  • coached soccer, led scouts, and guarded a school crosswalk
  • worked at San Francisco Writers Conference for nearly a decade
  • raised over $400 million for charity in my Day Job
  • published a YA post apocalyptic sci-fi novel
  • published its sequel
  • published the finale
  • published a new kids’ book with a golf theme
  • and learned to use bullet lists.

I also learned what it means to be the parent of a transgender child.