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I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old. My first self-published book was launched in 5th grade, with a total print run of one copy. I still have that copy, plus several others.


LIFELIKE, Portrait of a girl. A girl who can kill with her paintbrush.

  • In 2012, I published SEMPER, a YA post apocalyptic, semi-scifi adventure story.
  • In 2013, I published FORSADA, the exciting sequel to SEMPER.
  • In 2014, I published FREDA, the satisfying finale to the trilogy.
  • Also in 2014, I published The Bad Lie, a story of a kid’s ethical dilemma.

While I have written many other things, including four novel manuscripts tucked safely away in a drawer where they can do no harm, my fiction and poetry have been published or recognized in many places, and I’ve published both technical articles and blog posts in my day jobs.

Fiction and Poetry

The Written Across the Genres Anthology
Fifty-Fifty is a short story of a woman escaping a bad situation, deciding whether to get into another.
An excerpt of Semper is also in this anthology.
The Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever Anthology (out of print)
Distractions is a humorous short story of a couple who is reminded of what’s really
important while on holiday.
The Facing The Sun Anthology
I have two poems in this anthology, Connections and Finding Contentment.
The anthology raises money to help a dear writer friend who has suffered high medical
costs due to health problems.
Thereby Hangs a Tale
This journal lasted only two issues but had some really awesome work in it.
My story, Golden Advice, is an embellished true vignette of some good
advice I got when I went off to college (the issue’s theme was “expatriate”).
The First Line
This journal provides the first line; my story, Saved, is about
a young person’s depression following a tragic loss.
This journal provides a theme on which all submissions must be based.
My story, Joseph’s Mother, is about a doomed love discovered
under the worst of circumstances.
I have one humorous poem in this journal on the theme of superstition.
The 2009 San Francisco Writers Conference Anthology
My story in this anthology, Thirty-Five Across, is about a second chance.
The 2010 San Francisco Writers Conference Anthology (out of print)
I have a humorous poem in this anthology.
Much light verse on my old blog

In addition, I won the January, 2009 flash fiction contest at the Clarity of Night blog, was selected Readers’ Choice in the July, 2009 flash fiction contest at the same blog, and had a third story selected for mention in a ByLine Magazine contest.

CSR Blog Posts

I’ve written a number of CSR blog posts for the Charities@Work blog, some of which were run on CSR Wire’s TalkBack feature.

CSR Wire TalkBack author page

Charities@Work author page

Technical and Professional Articles

My technical articles have appeared in the following publications.
[ read all the articles here ]

  • EE Times
  • Multimedia Systems Design
  • Embedded Systems Development

Radio Broadcasts

In college, I worked at KALX radio news, holding every job in the newsroom
at some time including reporter, anchor, engineer, and producer. Once I
did all four jobs myself when I was the only person to show up for a morning newscast.
I also covered local Berkeley city elections live on location.
[ listen to sound checks and see photos ]

Sports Articles (mostly humorous)

I wrote a college football column for two years at a Cal fan site, which was later acquired by
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