I write fiction and verse for people with a sense of adventure and a sense of humor.

My novels are written for a YA audience, but I’ve had readers from 11 years old to mid 70s who have loved them. The New Eden trilogy is post apocalyptic science fiction (okay, probably 3% science and 97% fiction). Lifelike is a contemporary urban fantasy. All these novels deal with relevant themes of the day–racism and prejudice, disinformation, the role of faith in our lives, and sexism and misogyny.

My short fiction tends more to the literary, with my short stories published in small literary journals and anthologies.

I am also a prolific poet, though mostly I post poetry to my blog or facebook, or perform in online open mics since the pandemic shelter-in-place began. I’ll be starting a new subsite for my poetry, including videos of my readings, soon.

In my career, I have also published many articles relevant to my day job. I’ve also been quoted on topics of corporate responsibility in US News, Reader’s Digest, and Money Magazine as well as others. And you’ll also find a nostalgia section on my website with sports articles I wrote in the early 2000s and some of my radio broadcasts in 1989 when I was in college.

All these things you can find in the menu on this website.