Peter needing coffee

I write fiction and poetry for people with a sense of adventure or a sense of humor. I grew up in the quirky rural suburbia of central Connecticut, got a computer engineering degree from UC Berkeley, and had a great career of various day jobs.

I used to play soccer, I sometimes brew beer, and when I do crossword puzzles I do them in ink. I have two grown kids who couldn’t be more different but who are two of the coolest people ever. One’s an Eagle Scout varsity athlete who is a great cook and wonderful person, and the other’s a trans woman EMT who is an amazing artist and writes incredible lyrics.

Some highlights from Peter’s life:

  • played snare drum in a fife & drum corps as a kid
  • played dungeons & dragons way beyond socially acceptable age
  • co-founded two companies that you’ve never heard of
  • worked on the first stealth bomber (the B-2), the first PDA (the Casio Z-PDA), and the first smart phone (the Nokia 9000)
  • volunteered as a crossing guard for five years
  • coached youth soccer (“F” license) for what felt like a bajillion years
  • was a uniformed scout leader and felt conflicted about that
  • earned a degree in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!)
  • raised way over $500 million for charities while running the nation’s #1 largest workplace giving campaign for 10 years
  • trekked in Nepal, rode a hot air balloon in Portugal, ate sushi in Tokyo, had dinner with Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy in Scottsdale, and shook Elton John’s hand in Hollywood
  • became familiar with 5150 protocols visiting my suicidally depressed teen in lock-psych
  • appeared on live TV supporting LGBTQ kids in a counter-protest