“A tense, mysterious atmosphere… darkly fantastic YA adventure.”
“YA readers in search of a topical urban fantasy will find a lot to love.”
“The novel’s themes are pertinent in the #MeToo era… Teen readers seeking an empowering tale about female solidarity against predatory men will appreciate this suspenseful urban fantasy.”
– Booklife Reviews

Jewel’s artistic talent is like magic, as if her brush were a witch’s wand, not a simple painting tool. She thinks she could surpass the old masters, if she could only escape her parents’ plastic existence. When she’s finally out of high school, she flees to San Francisco and a fresh start.

What she doesn’t know is that her talent is fueled by an untamed and dangerous magic. When a mysterious, alluring art teacher promises to train her to control and harness that magic, Jewel puts her future–and her body–into his seductive hands. She soon discovers she’s not his first pupil, however, and as she learns the truth from the girls who came before, Jewel is faced with a terrible choice: Give up painting and spend her life running away, or risk her life–and her very soul–to destroy the man she’s fallen in love with.

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