In 2020, when the pandemic shut down in-person events, my fundraising team at Cancer Support Community had to switch to virtual events. Thus, I suddenly added several functions to my Chief Development Officer role: video producer, camera operator, script writer, director, film editor, and more. Here are a few of the pieces:

CSC’s online gala
For this online live/recorded program, I scripted the entire show, filmed some segments, and did the majority of the editing. We worked with an outstanding streaming studio team for the live broadcast.

CSC’s virtual charity walk program
I produced and edited this from various sources; most of the segments were provided by others but I filmed a few.

Inspirational staff video
My very first editing effort. The staff wanted to share an inspirational message; all were self-shot.

Gertie the Goat summer campaign
This was a team effort; I just edited it together. Super fun project for the whole team.

And yes I do have my own YouTube channel, though it’s not worth visiting. Except maybe to see how I did in the great 2020 vegan ice cream challenge. But you can see that below. (I did all the editing; someone else filmed.)